Happy Coder & Tech Enthusiast

My current stack: AWS + Serverless + Javascript + Reactjs
Enthusiast of: Rust + Elixir + Dart + Flutter


I'm not from here, neither from there, but I born in México city (1987), happy tech enthusiast, constantly learner, traveler, collector of knowledge, frustrated reader, good friend, father, football player, coder; Passionated for technology, Bizness, sociology and human brain.

I am working with an awesome LatAm team creating tech around cashier-less experiences through computer vision and AI.

Three activities I most enjoy in life

  • Meet new people
  • To travel (you can meet new people)
  • Solve problems (I found a way to do it in software development)

What have I been doing?

  • '20: Started to work with IoT and Distributed systems and it has been crazy but incredibly fun!
  • '18: I was part of the Rust train the trainers, I'm gonna spread the word in 2019!
  • '17: Started to work with Elixir and Rust! (And I love it!)
  • '16: Started to work with Reactjs
  • '16: Started to play with Go (was not what I expected)
  • '16: Started to play with RaspberryPI and Tessel
  • '15: Started to work with Nodejs
  • '12/'16: Worked with Python
  • '10/'16: Growing software development company
  • '07: Started IT engineering career, programming with C# for Windows and Java for web applications
  • '05: Started to learn about programming for microprocessors & C/C++ (AVR, PIC, Z8080, GAL)

2020 Goals ?

  •  Spread the word about Elixir and Rust!
  •  Create Computer Vision stuff
  •  Speak russian
  •  Blog day to day Project Euler solutions
  •  Write blog posts in spanish, english, portuguese and russian
  •  Be a great father
  •  Be in the top 100 of WakaTime!

My days